I'm A Writer

Since my blog post in November (Ugh! Writing is hard...or is it?) about how hard writing has been and how utterly bad I've been about updating my blog, something has changed.

I'm a writer.

I decided with that post that if anything I'd be consistent.  I would lay something down more often than I had been. Whether it was here on my blog or just something in Google Docs and you know what?  It's been working.

Since that post I've written 6 blogs.  That's more than 3 times the blogs I posted in 2015. Brooke has been called to Young Womens and so every Tuesday she and Kylie are gone for at least an hour. Since Leslie and Sam are both of the age they can watch themselves I use that time to sit down and write.  (Guess what day it is right now?)  It's given me a set time that there are no excuses. That time is for writing so that's what I'm going to do.  I'm going to put something down no matter what!  And it's been working.  I've been writing every Tuesday.  So much so that I've heard Brooke tell the kids sometimes before she leaves that dad will be up on the computer writing.  It's kind of awesome.

And do you know what?  Not everything I've written has been a blog either.

If you remember back I wrote about how I did a wrestling thing where Chris and I wrote wrestling matches.  Although that's more infrequent than I'd like, it's still happening and it's still as fun as heck. I love being able to write matches with stuff that I want to see in wrestling.  Create characters that I wish were in wrestling.  It's phenomenal.  We've even added my other friend Josh, a writing partner since the PCW days. (Written about in another previous blog. The Rise and Fall and Rise again of PCW) It's a lot of the same characters, but with a fresh start.  You can check it out here: ACW

If your a wrestling fan we'd like to hear from you and see what you think.

As much writing as that sounds like, even it's not all.  Chris has become my writing partner since the creation of ACW and we haven't stopped there.  He had an idea of doing something related to superheroes.  Whether it be a radio show type podcast or a writing project, it sounded fun.  We created a city, Spartan City, and we'd fill it with superheroes and write about their exploits.  Me, being a comic book fan, I was totally on board.  Although we haven't got the idea too far off the ground I've ground out some stories and it's been awesome!

I've come up with a few semi-unique characters and wrote some origins.  I remembered a Friday night coming up with a great idea.  I was so excited that I ran upstairs and started putting it down. The next morning I was back at it.  I was so excited about what I was writing I was shaking while I was typing it.

Chris has also had an idea for a while to create something where we can write about nerd news. Recently it's become a group effort with a guy Chris and I work with and a couple of Chris' friends (now my friends too) that I hope gets off the ground because I'm excited for it.  Look for that in the next little while.  I think you'll like it.  All 5 of you that read my blog.

The great part is I've gotten some positive feedback on what I've written.  Mostly on my blog posts, but hey feedback is feedback, and it's encouraged me to keep it up.

All in all this experience has taught me a few things.

First, writing is a muscle and if I keep flexing it the better I get.  I didn't think anything I'd written before was worthwhile.  Now the more I write the more I enjoy what I've written and want to share it with others.

Second, I couldn't have done it without Chris and Brooke.  Brooke is very supportive and encourages me to write.  She badly wants me to finish the werewolf story I'd been writing (Also posted in this blog) and sometimes gets angry when she's found out I haven't worked on it.  That's something I really need to get back to.

Chris has become my writing partner.  It seems everything I want to write involves him.  I can bounce my ideas off him and he helps me make it that much better.  He's encouraging and gives me great feedback that I can use and makes me want to write that much more.  And it's gone both ways. He bounces stuff off me all the time too and I give my feedback.  Chris has become the biggest reason for me writing and I can't tell him how much I appreciate him for that.  I'm not sure I would be writing without him.

Finally, I'm my own worst critic.  I know that's kind of cliche because you hear that everywhere, but I've found lately that it's true.  I've given myself a little more leeway.  Not everything I put down on paper (Or type in Google Docs in this case) is going to be great, but I can't let that discourage me.  I like writing.  I like creating my own stories and my own worlds.  If I don't like something I've realized that's not the end.  I can change it or go on to the next thing.  It'll always be there for me to go back to when I've got a better idea.

I couldn't tell you when I wrote that blog a couple months ago how invested I'd become in writing. It's actually surprised me how much more writing I've done since then.  I've enjoyed every minute of it too. I feel like my thoughts and ideas are more organized.  That I'm coming up with better plots and ideas. I'm happy with the things I've written for the first time in forever and am excited to keep it going.  It's a release and a getaway that I can't describe.

Maybe it was that blog post, but I've broke some shackles that I had on me when it came to writing. Something that had been keeping me down and ruining my creativity.  I feel like those locks have been broken and I'm excited to write more than ever.


  1. You're much better than you EVER give yourself credit for! I love to see all the ideas and blog posts that you produce. I love that you are so creative, I know where all the kids get it from. Love you!!


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