The Rise and Fall and Rise again of PCW

I've always liked to write. Hence the blog.  I've also been a huge fan of wrestling.  Hence all the blogs about wrestling.  A few years ago (Quite a few actually) right after high school, my friends and I had a bright idea. After playing the now classic game WWE Attitude and creating our own wrestlers on there, we thought it would be fun to start our own federation.

The idea was.  We'd come up with story lines and write out segments for the show involving the characters we'd created.

We named our federation the Worlds Only Other Federation, the acronym being W.O.O.F.  Yeah, I'm not sure how seriously we took it at that point.  We started writing matches and e-mailing them to each other.  It was probably one of the most fun times I had writing.  It didn't last long though.  We had a couple guys that weren't really writers and the other guy was a self professed procrastinator.  It quickly fizzled but I still kept those characters close to my heart.  When a new WWE game came out my federation lived on because those characters would quickly be created on the game.

A few years later I became friends with Josh.  Josh was also a huge fan of wrestling.  It soon came up that I, and our other friend, used to write matches for a federation we'd created.  Josh was hooked.  And we decided to resurrect the idea.  We decided to take a more serious tone.  One that I was not opposed to.

We re-dubbed our federation Pride Championship Wrestling, or PCW, and decided to revamp a couple of characters to be more serious.  I was usually pretty serious when it came to the federation, but I'm not sure how much our other friend was. We even brought on another of our friends that had been involved before. Josh and I barreled into it with the same fervor as I had before, but again we hit the same roadblocks.  I don't think the other guys weren't THAT into wrestling, so matches were late and eventually Josh and I had to pick up the slack.

Josh and I kept it going as best we could, but with only two guys not really writing it became a bit too much and eventually died out.

It was just hard to keep it going with only two of us being really big wrestling fans and having a love for what we were doing.  I missed it.  A game would come out and those same wrestlers were created.

A couple months back Josh contacted me about starting up again.  All those juices began flowing again, but I had some trepidation.  With only Josh and I, I was afraid we'd hit the same roadblocks again.

Then I had a brilliant idea.

A couple years back I had an odd request on Facebook.  This guy named Chris ( messaged me saying that he had a mutual friend (the same mutual friend that Josh and I had) that said that we needed to be friends because of our love for wrestling.  I added him, not sure at the time what I was doing.  It turns out that wrestling wasn't the only thing we had in common.

We were both huge Green Lantern fans.  Chris was also a writer as well.  We became fast friends and have been the best of friends since.

At this point you probably understand what my big idea was.  Bring Chris into the federation.  Someone who loves wrestling and loves to write couldn't fall off the wagon as quickly as our other friends.

I brought up the idea to Josh and he was cool with it.  I brought up the idea to Chris.  If there was a possibility of feeling emotion through chat I think I had.  Chris was ecstatic over the idea.  I'd talked about the idea with him before and he'd expressed interest in starting our own, but I'd had trepidation. (the same as I had with Josh.  Only two guys writing seemed like a bad idea.)  I knew if we started this again Chris would be a perfect fit.

Fast forward a couple months later and I was right!  We've started the federation again.  Chris is a perfect fit.  We've already finished our first event (Faster than before I might add) and I feel the same excitement I felt from writing it before.  Coming up with new story lines.  Revisiting those same beloved characters. Creating new ones.  And my personal favorite, reading the story lines my friends have going.

It's great.

Deep down I still worry that it'll all come apart again.  That someone will lose interest and we'll eventually die out.  For now though I'm enjoying it again.  Writing on a continuous basis about something that's in the fantasy realm.  (I have no problems writing my blog, but sometimes you need to step away from real life for a while.)  And I interact with my friends more.  It may just be over chat, but it's a lot more than before.

If any of you feel the desire to check it out you can do so here.  I'd love to hear some feedback.


  1. That's so awesome!! I hope you can keep it up longer this time!

  2. I am both honored and touched of you speaking so highly of me! I really appreciate that! And don't you worry! PCW WILL NOT DIE!!!!!


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