Wrestler Retrospect: Sexy Star

While trying to figure out who my next Wrestler Retrospect was going to be on, I brought the subject up to my wife Brooke.  She started to throw out names and inadvertently made me realize something.

A great injustice had been done!

In all my years of doing Wrestler Retrospect I had never showcased a woman. Something that desperately needed to be changed.  Especially in this day and age of the woman's revolution.

In trying to figure out which woman to do it on, because there are so many great women wrestlers out there right now, I figured I could kill many birds with one stone. Not only could I showcase a favorite woman's wrestler.  A wrestler from Mexico, and one from another wrestling organization: Lucha Underground!

That brings us to today's pick for Wrestler Retrospect: Sexy Star!

When my friend Chris introduced me to Lucha Underground there was so much great talent.  It also had some great concepts.  One being that there was no "women's division" per se.  There were women, yes.  There were women wrestlers, sure.  But there was no separate women's division.  A roster of ladies vying for a title that only women could hold.  I'll admit at first I thought it weird.  To see women face men.  The men weren't holding back, treating them like delicate flowers to be careful with.  Worrying about hitting moves on them or just plain hitting them for that matter.  It took some getting used to.  Sexy Star was one wrestler that helped with that.

She was on the debut episode and fought against another favorite Son of Havoc.  Right off I took a liking to her.  She was a luchadora, mask and all.  Using high flying moves and wrestling holds just as much as punching her opponent in the mouth.  Neither combatant held their punches and it began to seem more natural. She showcased that not only she, but any woman could compete with a man and have it be believable. What was at first weird began to be refreshing.  She didn't win that match, but you got the feeling that she could have.  It wasn't long before she did.

She's performed many firsts for me and on Lucha Underground.  There are three main titles on the show.  A trios title, which is akin to a tag title but with a team of three on either side.  The Gift of the Gods title, which is unique concept where medallions are earned by the combatants.  When all the medallions are earned, the medallions are placed in a belt.  The medallion earning wrestlers then fight in a multi-man match, the winner receiving the title.  It then can be defended, but also cached in for a shot at the final title.  The Lucha Underground Championship.  The major belt of the promotion.

Sexy Star has held both singles title.  The only woman to do so.

It was amazing to watch.  Her title reign only lasted a day, but was won in glorious fashion.  She fought in a match with twenty other participants that ended with her and a monster of a man known as Mil Muertes, another favorite.  There aren't a lot of wrestlers there I don't like.  

It was an amazing match and an amazing victory.  Her reign, unfortunately was short-lived, as she lost the title the following episode.  The only consolation was that the person that beat her cheated, meaning the Sexy Star could have one just as much as her male opponent.

It's not just her title victories that showcase how great she ia.  She had a epic I Quit match against a wrestler named Mariposa, that Brooke and I talk about to this day.  Well I talk about.  Brooke just nods and agrees.  Warning though, if you watch it she does drop the F-Bomb.  It was about the only bad thing I have to say about it.

Sexy Star is a great wrestler, one that stands out as one of my favorite female performers, male or female.  She's proved that she can hang with anyone.  Much like everything she's done earned the right to be inaugural
female Wrestler Retrospective.


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