Wrestler Retrospect: Kevin Owens

I began this one quite a while ago and then stopped writing it.  I can't keep what I had because none of it was up to date, so a do over is in order.  And much needed.

Since the brand split of Raw and Smackdown, one man sits atop the mountain that is Raw.  That man is Kevin Owens.

Since premiering Owens has been a force of nature.  On the night he premiered in NXT he not only had a memorable debut match, but later that night, after his legit best friend Sami Zayn won the NXT championship Kevin turned on him.

And it too was memorable.

After hugging in the ring, celebrating Sami's victory, the two best friends headed to the back.  With an arm around Sami's shoulder Kevin turned on him, slamming him to the entrance ramp.  He then proceeded to powerbomb him into the edge of the ring.  It was brutal.  It was intense.  It catapulted Kevin into the title picture instantly.

Three months later he was champion.

He had quite the memorable title run in NXT.  During said title run Owens made his debut on Raw coming face to face with John Cena, the face of the company.  He left Cena laying with a powerbomb as well.

By the next PPV, Elimination Chamber, Owens had beaten Cena cleanly.  No outside interference.  No dirty tactics.  Just overpowering anger, for which Owens is known.

Kevin has been on a tear through the WWE since his debut.  He's won the Intercontinental championship and most recently reached the top of the mountain by claiming the WWE Universal Championship, Raw's top title.

In my mind Owens hearkens back to an older heel.  No gimmicks.  No fancy outfits.  Just a great talker that beats people up.  It doesn't seem memorable but you remember him because you love to hate him.  That and his motivation.

He does it all for his family.

He beats people up to win matches to support his family.  He does what he does to win titles so he earns more for his family.  Since day one that's been his primary motive.  He does these despicable things to support the ones he loves.

You'd think that people would love him for it, but with his no holds promos and brutal tactics in the ring you can believe it's almost an excuse, but if you follow the man on social media you realize it's not.

Most of his Twitter feed is based around tweets about how much he loves his wife and kids and putting down internet trolls.

It's pretty entertaining and, I dare say, inspiring.

Truthfully I'd began following him on Twitter before seeing any of his previous matches before WWE.  I could relate to his tweets about his wife and kids.  It was his first match that solidified my fandom.  There was something special about the fact that, even after the huge fan reaction for him, he'd be willing to become the heel he became by the end of the night.

You can tell he's gone all in.  He's not nice and he doesn't pretend to be.  I imagine when I see his posts about going to a zoo, or pictures of his daughter that he's not the same guy as he is on T.V.  Then you see a response to someone's comment about how much they dislike him.  Just like on T.V.  He doesn't hold back.  It's the same Kevin you see on Raw.  An unfiltered, cutting comment that puts you in your place.

You can tell by watching him that neither he, nor his character have any regrets.  He does what he does and if you get behind him great.  If not, get out of his way because he'll plow you down like all those who've come before.