Wrestler Retrospect: Roman Reigns

It's been too long, you guys.

It's not that I haven't been writing.  I'm still doing it all the time.  It's just writing other stuff and it's the blog that's suffering.

My friend, Chris, helped me come up with the idea to do a series of Wrestler Retrospects where I'd do one on each member of the group known as The Shield, then end it with one on all three as a team.  I was excited about the idea, but I procrastinated.

The team broke up.

I still think I'll try and do one on each of the members of the group formally known as The Shield though, seeing as I still like all three.

I've decided to start with my favorite: Roman Reigns.

It's funny to say that.  When The Shield premiered Roman was my least favorite.  I knew of the other two guys: Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins, but had never laid eyes on Reigns.  Seth I'd seen from his days in Ring of Honor.  I'd also watched some of his stuff in Florida Championship Wrestling and NXT.  Ambrose I'd only seen his stuff in FCW,  I liked both Ambrose and Rollins.  I saw Reigns and thought "Who's this guy and why'd they team this nobody with two future Hall of Famers like Ambrose and Rollins?"

As you can tell I've done a one-eighty.

For the first part of his time in WWE I thought he was kind of blah.  Like I said I'd never heard of him until his debut and he wasn't doing anything to impress me.  At that point though they were building up the group as a whole, so none of them really shined.  The other two were really coasting on their merits in other stuff and like I said I'd never seen Reigns.  I think it was the point where he finally pulled out his Spear and Superman Punch that I sat up and took notice.

It's cool to watch him grab his wrist and cock it like a gun, run at his opponent, jump into the air, and come down with a solid punch to the jaw.  You can ask Brooke I practically jump out of my seat when he hits it.  It truly looks like his opponent has been hit by Superman.

His Spear is my favorite though.  A thing of beauty.  It hearkens back to Bill Goldberg.  It's so devastating to watch.  He doesn't just tackle them at the mid section like a lot of guys do when hitting a Spear.  He actually jumps off his feet and literally spears them in the gut, driving them to the ground.  It's awesome, I think.

He's also got a dropkick on the apron.  He'll knock a guy down, where the opponent is laying across the bottom rope, his head hanging outside the ring.  Reigns then gets out of the ring, runs at them and dropkicks them in the head, landing on the apron in a sitting position.  It's pretty cool.  I've never seen anyone hit a move like that before.

His personality has had time to shine now that The Shield has disbanded.  He's got a long way to go on his promo work, but he's getting there.  He's got a genuine feeling to his promos.  Not like he's reading from a script.  Really, who wants to listen to a guy sound like he's trying to remember what he's been told to say. Plus his in ring performance is what really carries him.  Which a lot of my favorite guys are that way.  Daniel Bryan for instance.

Word is Reigns is being groomed to be the next top guy.  I agree with that move.  I think he's got the makings of a great champion.  I think WWE's best move has been to put him with top guys, but not moving him too fast.  He's been in the title picture, but hasn't won it yet.  Which is good this early on.  It shows that he can hang with the top guys, but he's proving himself to the fans before WWE lets him have the strap.

Slow and steady wins the race in my opinion.

I've always liked the slow build of a guy.  It makes it seem like he deserves the title once he gets there.

And once Roman does, I think he definitely will.


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