Wrestler Retrospect: Bully Ray

Whether you call them The Dudleys, The Dudley Boyz, or Team 3D, I've always been a fan of Ray and Devon.  There was something about Ray's mic work coupled with his and Devon's in ring abilities that had me hooked early on.  They had a way of adding the crowd into the match, whether they were heel or face.  I've followed their career since they showed up in WWE.

When they went to TNA I was a little concerned that they were over.  When I say over I don't mean in the good way that the wrestling term means.  I mean their glory days were behind them.  Not that TNA is a bad thing, I've always enjoyed their wrestling, they just aren't as widely accepted with the WWE fans.  Which are most.

I thought they did some great work in TNA, but when you've done just about everything a tag team can do in the wrestling business it was kind of the same old same old mentality.  Ray's mic work was still captivating.  The teams in ring work was still great, but they were growing stale.

When they announced that they were breaking up regardless of the outcome of a tag team title match, I was excited.  New ground for the most part.  I say for the most part because there was a short stint when they broke up in WWE.

The next night after the match Ray turned heel.  He attacked Devon, blaming him for their loss in their last match.  He then rechristened himself Bully Ray and began his path to the next level.

He began to drop the weight he'd always seemed to have.  It had come to the point where crowds were chanting for him to lose weight, which I'm sure helped the decision.  His mic skills, which always worked in his favor, began to do so again.  He'd get the crowds ire with his always asking "Do you know who I am?" It made him memorable because, like any heel, he'd then run down the laundry list to remind them.

I was hooked again.  I was waiting for him to capture the one accolade that he seemed ready for.  A World Heavyweight Title.

There comes a certain point where you think you're being jerked around.  For quite a while it seemed that Ray was doing all the right things, but never getting any highter.  He'd lose to the more popular guys and not really get anywhere.  He was still being boo'd and doing the heel things to get ahead, but when it came match time, he wasn't.

When there came the point that they started the storyline of him becoming involved with Hulk Hogan's daughter and they turned him face I began to wonder.  How can you have someone that goes by "Bully" be a good guy.  The crowd seemed to get behind it, but I had an inkling that something bigger was on the horizon.

There came the point where, because he was supposed to be Hogan's son-in-law, he was named number one contender.  I knew that something was about to happen and happen it did.  Toward the end of the match the big heel faction, Aces and 8's, stormed the ring.  Bully and his opponent were readied to fend them off. Then Bully accepted a hammer, turned and bashed his opponent over the head.  I squeeled with glee.


He made the cover and became the new champion, announcing himself the leader of the group.  It was the biggest swerve that everyone saw coming.  If you didn't you were blind.

It was great none the less.  Bully had finally reached the top of the company.  Since then he has defended his title in typical heel fashion.  Using his faction to keep the title on him.  I couldn't be more happy.  He deserves it.  He has all the tools to carry TNA as the top heel.  Now why couldn't WWE see that?

I may be a little partial though.  I have met the guy.

I'd like to get an updated photo of the two of us now that we're both skinnier.


  1. Even though I don't have much enthusiasm for wrestling, I enjoy these posts. Keep it up, Ken!

  2. And the next pic you take it will have BOTH of us in it!!

    1. @Adam Thanks man! I have a couple more in mind.

      @Brooke Yeah it will!


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