Wrestler Retrospect: Brock Lesnar

I had the epiphany the other day that all my Wrestler Retrospects are on wrestlers I like.  I thought to myself: "I need to change that!" Here goes.

I've never been a fan of Brock Lesnar.  I'm really not sure what it is either.  I remember his debut.  He jumped in the ring and pummeled the Hardy Boyz I think.  I just don't remember it being very memorable.  I just remember thinking how huge the guy was.

Brock is your typical powerhouse.  Big huge guy, muscles upon muscles.  Short blonde crew cut and intense look.  All.  The.  Time.  No personality whatsoever though.  Him on the microphone is like taking a unisom or something.  Doesn't hold my interest.  That's probably why they put him with Paul Heyman.  The guy can talk.

Quite a while went by with the same thing.  He'd either jump people during their matches and beat the living snot out of them, or he'd have a match where the same happened.

Within his first year he won the King of the Ring tournament which his manager, Paul Heyman, finagled into a title shot.  I immediately thought: "Here we go!  Fastest rising star story."  The WWE likes to do that every so often.  Take one of Vince's ideal wrestler types and push him fast and hard.  Make him a monster that beats the ever loving hell out of everyone.  There are a few exceptions, but not usually.

Brock was one such guy.  Youngest WWE champion at the time.  Even when he eventually turned face I couldn't quite get behind him.  I think it's because I like the slow build up.  I like guys that rise up through the ranks and when they finally do win the "big one" it means something.

Brock went on in the championship picture for a couple of years.  I think the only time I ever gained any type of interest was when he feuded with the Undertaker.  That's what wrestling with the Undertaker will do for you.  He's interesting.

It was right before Wrestlemania XX that news came out that Brock was leaving the WWE in favor of trying to start a pro football career.  If there is anything that could've made me even less likely to care about Brock it was that.  It's not about the football either.  I don't like it, mind you.  I just don't hate it.  I didn't like the fact that once the so-called "Real Sports" took interest Brock was gone like a fart in the wind, dropping out of his 5 year contract with WWE.

Brock went on to a failed football career.  He was on the Vikings for a while.  If memory serves me correctly.  Don't quote me if it doesn't.  He didn't even actually play a game.  Brock soon made his way into MMA.  From what I understand, he dominated there.  Becoming champion and everything.  Even the fact that he could really demolish someone didn't give him any ground in my eyes.  Legitimacy usually holds some sort of favor with me.  Maybe it was the douchey chest tattoo.  I never cared for those.

About a year ago, Brock came back.  Everyone was pumped.  I mean people were going insane!  Every time they'd show the video of Brock's return they'd show the guy in the crowd going crazy.  I found that more entertaining than Brock's actual return.  Then again it was the same old stuff.  Brock comes out and beats the crap out of somebody.  The face of the company, John Cena, no less.

My reaction was the same as the first time....meh!

His return contract was for a year.  It was a part time contract.  He'd show up for a feud every so often and then disappear for a little while.  Dude got paid mucho dinero for it too.  I was hoping he'd lose interest in WWE after then.  Word came he signed an additional two year contract.  I'd lie if I didn't say I rolled my eyes.

Here recently Brock has started a feud with C.M. Punk.  My absolute favorite guy.  I can't even care about that actual match.  The back and forth between Punk and Heyman has been more entertaining than the times that Brock actually shows up.  I find that pretty sad.  Punk has a way of elevating my interest in anyone he feuds with.