3 miles? It's no big deal.

This past Saturday I hit a goal in my fitness journey that I really didn't realize I had.  Let me give you a little back story.

I've never liked running.  Despised it with a passion.  I'd start running, run for a minute (if that) and stop.  That's as far as I would, or ever would want to, go.  Now I realize it was because I was overweight and running would wind me easily, but still the hate was there.  I told myself when I started getting healthy that I would never become a runner.  I still remembered all those times as a fat dude and didn't want to deal with that again.

A little more than a month ago that changed.

Brooke decided that she wanted to run.  She'd run circuits around our neighborhood in the morning.  She'd text me at work and tell me how much she loved it.  I just shook my head.  Pour soul.

So when about a month ago she suggested I try it, I scoffed.  No way was I going to run.  I hated running and had promised myself I wasn't going to put myself through that.  Needless to say the idea burrowed into my head and began to lay it's evil larvae.  I slowly started to tell myself that "It may not be so bad."  I mean Brooke obviously loved it maybe I should give it a shot.

There lied my downfall.

One day after a particularly short workout I decided to give it a try.  I ran a short circuit around my neighborhood.  I got home and was instantly in love!  What had I been missing?  It wasn't necessarily the running itself, I think.  It was being able to put on a pair of headphones, listen to some amped music (I'd been meaning to find more time to listen to music.) and just literally run away for a little while.

My runs progressively began to widen.  I'd run longer and longer routes and push myself to run as much as I could without stopping.  Finally it was to the point where I'd run and NOT stop.  It was a crazy thing to me.  My problem was I never knew how far I was running.

Well, this last Saturday I decided to test that.

We drove down to my old Alma Mater, I.F. High, and went to their stadium there.  I'd remembered from P.E. that four times around their track equaled a mile.  Brooke and I had a personal goal to try and run 8 times around.  I figured with my circuits around the neighborhood I could run 2 miles.

When all was said and done it turned into 3.  (Brooke hit the same goal.  So proud of her.)

It was just a combination of the music, cheering on Brooke when she'd cross the lap marker, and the kids cheering us both on that pushed me to a "one more time" mentality.  I just wanted one more lap.  Finally it turned into 12 laps total running.

Needless to say I'm pretty proud of myself.  Running has filled a gap I didn't realize existed.  Taking some time alone with my thoughts.  Listening to some long neglected music.  As well as continuing my fitness goal which is still progressing slowly but surely.

80 pounds lost as of this morning baby!


  1. 80 pounds!! That is INCREDIBLE. I used to jog a lot, but then got sick of it. I kind of ebb and flow with my exercise - I was really into the elliptical for awhile, and then I was really into spinning, and now I'm really into yoga. I think eventually I'll get back to running. And running makes the weight fall off like no other exercise I've ever done.

  2. YEAH..BABY!! Mwhahahahaha!!! Hmmm...what other fitness trend can I get you into???


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