Geoff Johns is gone.... and I'm sad.

I was going to save this issue #20 for a pick of the month, but since I did a GL book last, and it's kind of a monumental issue in a couple ways, I figured I'd focus a whole post on it.

As of issue #20 Geoff Johns is no longer the writer of Green Lantern.

Why does this make me sad you may ask?

Well I've been a Green Lantern fan for a long while.  I remember going to the comic book store (back then known as Captain Comics) with my friend Mike and picking up the latest comics that we could afford.  Back then I was an X-men fan and would pick it up.  Mike, who had a paper route, would pick up numerous titles, Green Lantern included.  Mike was kind enough to let me borrow his current issue and read it.

I was hooked.

I was already invested in my X-men collection so sadly I never collected it, but it's one that always stuck in my mind and was one of my favorites when I decided to pick up an issue.

Fast forward to quite a few years, and a large comic collection later, and I'd begun to tire of the current X-men books.  The movies had come out and they'd tried to make the comics more like the movie, which for me made it lose it's luster.  I began to look for another series.  I dabbled in Batman for a while and even though I love the Dark Knight, it didn't enthrall me as I'd hoped.

It was then that I remembered a past love.  I turned toward Green Lantern.

Even though at first it wasn't the great stories that I'd hoped for, it stirred inside of me a glee that took me back to childhood.  I continued to pick it up.

It was months later that Clifton, the manager of the comic book store, let me know that the most well known Green Lantern was returning.  Even though I was a big fan of current GL Kyle Rayner, I felt some excitement at what this could mean.

I was not disappointed.

This was the first time I'd read a book (that I was aware of) by Geoff Johns.  The story was called Rebirth and it was everything I could have hoped for.  The man was brilliant.  For nine years the man worked.  Writing captivating stories.  Coming up with new characters that captivated me as much as the ones I'd come to love.  Hearkening back to the stories that got me hooked on GL in the first place he paid homage while taking the GL universe into a completely new direction.

With issue #20 that came to an end.

Geoff Johns has become a huge part of DC.  He's taken on so many comics as well as other areas that he's become spread to thin I'd imagine.  He decided this would be his last issue.

As sad as I am at his departure from the title I don't think he could have ended it any better.  He wrapped up the stories he'd been working on.  Even ending the issue in a way that they could still go on, while creating his own happily ever after.  It was great.  Eliciting emotions in me that made me feel pretty girly to tell you the truth.

I loved every minute of it.  Sitting in bed at midnight.  Working to get through this extra large issue and yet the time seemed to fly by.  The end was bitter sweet.  Geoff left me wanting more ending it in the only way I could see possible.

I can still look forward to the next issue as I've done every month, but part of me wonders: Will it be the same?  Will I be able to be taken to new areas in the Gl universe.  The thought gives me a sinking feeling in my stomach.